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Why am I learning ASL

Demi Walsh

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Hi! I'm Demi. I have decided to pick up ASL because it seems very fascinating and interesting. I've been in the situation before where I meet someone who is deaf and have no idea how to communicate with them. After watching a short film on youtube about being deaf it made me want to learn ASL. I'm still really new, but I'd like to have a practice partner so I could work on my speed and reading skills. 

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 how are you doing?  What is new with you .  I am still trying to find ways I can learn American Sign Language. I dont know where to start or were to find things for me to learn. I am hard of hearing. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear. I am really want to learn sign language. My hearing is kind of bad in my right ear and i have some of a hearing loss in my left ear. For some reason I can not wear a hearing aid in my left hear . I have try to wear a hearing aid in my left ear it felt like I was a deaf because I could not hear anything and i don"t know why

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