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What do these 2 signs mean??

Heather P

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1st sign: 4 fingers sweeping down the the cheek (side of face) and then meeting at the thumb (which is right at the jaw) (maybe repeated, maybe not)

2ns sign: Dominate middle finger reaching down and tapping twice the back of your closed fist. (the fingers and thumb of closed fist are facing down, back of fist is facing up)

It's from a conversation where someone is asking for directions to a classroom that they can't find. And the man being asked responds using these signs (among a couple others).

Thank you!

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1st Sign: "Experience"

2nd Sign: "Touch" translation: "been to" (in ASL when you want to say you've been somewhere you sign "I've touched" the location.)(Often the sign is in conjunction with the sign "finish", as in "i've touch-finished that place")

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