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Hi, I just wanted to share a list I created of free ASL courses available online. Please note, these are in no particular order.

LINK: https://www.startasl.com/learn-sign-language-asl
-offers levels ASL 1 thru ASL 3 courses
-Each course includes a workbook you can download, and there an online dictionary video archive.

LINK: https://www.gallaudet.edu/asl-connect/asl-for-free/
-Offers basic ASL through modules, and has free videos you can watch to expand your vocabulary.

SIGNLANGUAGE101 (Taught by Dr Byron Bridges)
LINK: https://www.signlanguage101.com/free-lessons/asl-level-1
-offers lots of videos to learn ASL 1

LINK: https://www.signschool.com
-Offers levels beginner, intermediate, to expert. (You can change your level of learning at anytime.)
-Each level has lessons through modules and videos, they teach dialogue, vocabulary, grammar, and finger spelling practice. And there is an online dictionary video archive. 

ASLUNIVERSITY / LIFEPRINT (Taught by Dr Bill Vicars)
LINK: http://asluniversity.com
LINK: https://www.lifeprint.com/asl101/lessons/lessons.htm
-Offers levels ASL 1 thru ASL 4 (total of 60 lessons)
-There is some downloadable information like sentence practice, and an online dictionary video archive

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Hi, I've been learning sign from Bill Vicars' YT videos almost exclusively for nearly five months, and highly suggest reviewing vocabulary through the Handspeak site to review the expressive facial "morphemes" for each word, as they are very clearly defined there.  Also the Handspeak site's "Reverse ASL Dictionary" is very useful when remembering the sign but forgetting the word, which comes in handy for people like me with a tiny little bit of non-verbal aphasia.  Also something that's amazingly helpful is Bill Vicars' Fingerspelling Tool, as well as the Fingerspelling Game on this site~~

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Thanks Amber for the YouTube link.  It would be great if someone would create a new version of this, however I did watch the first video and found it to be very helpful. I have followed Bill Vicars YouTube videos and have taken a couple of in person sign language classes.  I still struggle with receptive finger spelling and signing in conversation.  I pick up a sign or two in conversation, but the trick is putting it all together. Thanks again.


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    • There are a few youtube channels that are more obscure that can help, especially "Read with ASL" google it with the word youtube appended.  Others are at a more intermediate level, like "IntermediateASL", "ASLInteractive", and of course Bill Vicars.  Talk to Deaf people in your city for both advice and connections.  Go to your community college and ask to talk to an ASL teacher, and tell them about everything.  Find a Deaf club/group in your city, but in-person is much better, especially if they
    • Hi there, my son is in 2nd grade and is nonverbal. He uses ASL to communicate yet he can hear enough that the teachers and aides just talk to him. They use a little bit of sign but no one in the school is fluent in ASL. Its frustrating toe as a parent to see such a lack of drive to learn it. I'm actually having a hard time with requesting it in his IEP because it's hard to advocate for him. I think it's an excellent idea to include ASL as a class in all schools. 
    • Hi there, I have a special needs son who is 8 and is mentally about the age of a 4 year old. We've know he has hearing loss since he was about 8 months old and so we started signing with him. In the last couple years his signing has come a long way thanks to signing videos and his need and want to communicate. He can hear at 40% in his left ear and a little better in his right so we definitely still verbalize everything while we are signing. The signing we are doing is more for main ideas b
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