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Hiya! Megan here

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My name is Megan and I'm 19 years old, soon to be 20

I want to learn sign language to better myself and also for people I come in contact with

I am just learning but I have learned a lot, I would love to be able to talk/sign with someone to help me learn

Either by Skype or on here


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Hi Megan,  I'd love to help.  Where are you located? ASL changes from Coast to Coast.  I'm hearing, but translate for deaf patients at my local hospitals, quite regularly, and tutor PPCC (local Jr. College) students who are struggling.  You can contact me @ [email protected], or call me @ (757) 375-3923 and leave a message.  I also have several ads on Craigslist.org.    Let's talk.  Nana Dee.


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    • I thought I would use this down time to revisit something that I've always meant to do and found reasons not to. I'm 47 and not very bright but when I was a child I began to learn ASL and over the years of never using the language its almost all but been lost to me. Now i may be on the wrong site and chat however, if anyone is willing to help me relearn I would be very happy. My hours are VERY flexible and my interest is sincere. Let me know
    • Hey, my name is Taylor and I am 17. I am really interested in learning ASL but every time I try I forget what I've learned, so I was hoping I could practice with someone. I'm a beginner. If you are interested please send me an email at [email protected] ( really cringy email name, I know) and we could make a plan to video chat. 
    • Hi I'm Izzy, I'm also 16 and in the beginner/intermediate skill level. I'm interested in practicing my ASL w other people especially because school is out and I don't want to forget everything I've learned. 
    • we could practice together if ya want, i need alot of practice also, im a slow learner
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