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Learning British Sign Language

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  1. Why are you learning BSL?

    Why did you decide to learn British Sign Language?  Share your BSL story with the community.

  2. What is the BSL sign for:

    Ask the community how to sign a certain word or to translate a sign that you do not know the meaning for.

  3. Songs, Stories, Poems, & Nursery Rhymes

    Share Songs, Stories, Poems, & Nursery Rhymes in British Sign Language.

  4. BSL Practice Zone

    Practice your BSL skills here with a short description or story and let other people give you feedback.

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    Share tips, information, and stories about your experiences of learning BSL.

  6. BSL in Schools

    Discuss your thoughts and ideas for learning British Sign Language in schools.

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    • My 1 year old can sign all his needs to me eg: milk, tired, nappy, food. This is before he is able to verbally express his needs to me which I think is amazing. So I thought, wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to do parent and baby/toddler classes where I can teach them too! 
    • My name is Lia I have been a beauty therapist for 9 years. I had a baby last year and do not wish to go back to my old job and would love to learn sign language because it fascinates me and my father in law is fluent in BSL. It also opens more job opportunities up; I would love to do BSL classes with babies and toddlers in the future. 😁
    • Hello Hajra How your research going ?    
    • Hi Tina, happy to helps.  What is your email address please? Kind regards Sadaqa 
    • Hello everybody, I'm Marina. I am from Russia and I am an English teacher. I always wanted to learn specifically British sign language to be more advanced in my profession  and recently I feel like I'm more in need of it. As the educational programme expands in terms of inclusiveness, it becomes evident that we can give much more to our students. They need to know that oral expression may not be enough to communicate. I'm intended to learn sign language and conduct my own teaching course of BSL one day, taking this course is my first step in a long term plan.
    • Hello This is a great site with some interesting people.   Please can anyone recommend a native BSL tutor who lives in London available now with reasonable rates.   I'm preparing to resit my Level 1, 103 assessment and want to make sure I pass so I can progress to the next level.   I prefer face to face tuition to on line as my computer isn't the greatest   I don't mind travelling or meeting in a casual place like a cafe or library   Appreciate your help.   Thank you Tina😀
    • My name is Claire, I'm an oncology nurse in the North West of England. I am not deaf or hard of hearing however I have always wanted to learn sign language in case I need to use this language to communicate with a patient. 
    • Hello What is the correct sequence to sign the equivalent of "Today is 12th September 2021?"  Thank you!!
    • Hi everyone! I'm Leighann, although I am not deaf, I do have a severe speech impairment since I was 2. So, I was taught Makaton but sadly, it was rendered useless during school because no-one knew it, so, writing has been my main form of communication. However, I decided to learn BSL to enable me to teach my family, friends and now children so they don't necessarily need to ask me to write it or repeat myself, which is usually, at least, 4 times. Happy learning!
    • Hello everyone!! My name is Ella and I've recently made the move from Ireland to the UK! Just before I moved, I decided to start the course on British sign to have something extra in case I ever came across a student who needed it. As luck would have it, I have started in the most amazing school in Kent which has a Deaf Resource Base, specifically for students (Deaf or deaf) who need some extra support. They take students once a week for speech and language therapy, some basic greetings are included for every tutor class to learn and the main DRB teacher is at every school assembly to sign what is being said. How amazing is that?! I've only ever worked in a school with a maximum of one or two hearing impaired students so to have such an incredible department right on the doorstep of my department has made me want to finish this course so I can be more involved in school life! So, yes! That's a long winded introduction but HELLO! 
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