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  1. I have always struggled with my hearing. It kind of crept up on me to be honest. It started with turning the tv up / asking people not to mumble / using subtitles on tv etc. then it was pointed out to me that I always position myself so I can see faces - and that I am very adept at lip reading. I wear two hearing aids now and when I got those I burst into tears in the middle of spec-savers (possibly not my finest hour). I never knew, for example, that car indicators make a clicking noise - or that the birds in the trees chatter so much. I know, however, that one day l will likely be deafer. BSL has always been a thing that I thought should be taught in schools from the get go. After my wife had a Deaf student (and interpreter) at work - and she learned some basics to make him feel hopefully welcome and more comfortable - I decided that it was time for me to learn it too. I am finding it a wonderfully expressive language - that feels full of kindness and inclusivity. Finding this course - and these forums - has helped immeasurably x thanks Chris
  2. Hiya! Good luck with your studies - it’s fabulous that you’re already actively signing as well
  3. I know there is a lot of looking around and trying to remember letters but I thought I’d try my best! I know it’s clumsy 😂
  4. Hello Neil - same here! I have hearing aids (which changed my life) but I know it's only going to get more difficult to hear as time moves on. It's fabulous that you are teaching your children too - I honestly wish BSL was mandatory at schools! Good luck with your studies!
  5. Hi Claudette - I am also learning online. Just started last week - it is a great way of learning I have found
  6. Hi everyone My name is Chris and I am 49. I wear two hearing aids but it is likely I'll grow deafer over the years. My wife is a nurse who has a Deaf student at the moment. His interpreter recommended I start learning BSL sooner rather than later just in case. It is something I have always danced around and had an interest in. The recommendation coupled with the young lady on Strictly (big fans in our house!) made me sign up to the fab course. I've done lessons one and two and passed both. As soon as I have done lesson three I will post a video of me saying hello and so on. Thank you all for taking the time to read this Thank you Chris
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