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  1. Hi junet20 Did you ever complete the App? If so is it for sale on the apple App store,
  2. Two reasons really. As a retired person I want to keep my mind active so it still works well in the years to come. Secondly, I volunteer locally at the “Forest Community Shed” and I think the ability to sign in BSL may be of help to the community in the future, when I get better. As my knowledge increases along with my confidence in signing, I would like to find someone to practice with, but not just yet.
  3. My name is Patrick. I am retired and live in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Four weeks ago I didn’t know any BSL whatsoever. I used the Internet to try and learn the fundamentals, which was OK, but I was lacking any structure to my learning. Two weeks ago I started the “Introduction to BSL course” from british-sign.co.uk. The course is great and I recommend it to anyone, even complete beginners like me. There are ten lessons and I have just completed lesson three.
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