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  1. Hi, I have always had an interest in learning sign language as i think it is so amazing that there are many ways to communicate. I recently bumped into an elderly couple who i ended up communicating with, via sign, and they were more than encouraging for me to pursue certification in sign.....tada! Leonne
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    I have always had an interest in Sign as i met a deaf Lady along time ago who taught me a little sign language and i helped with her speech. I have 3 children and i always said i wanted to qualify in sign as i think it so amazing that there are so many differing ways to communicate. Now that my youngest is 2 its time for me to do something I have always wanted to explore. I recently spoke with an older couple at an event and ended up signing with them - they were very encouraging for me to go for it....so here i am!😁
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    Hello, My name is Leonne. I work as a secretary. Bye
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