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  1. Good evening from Spain, I'm doing the BSL basic level and I've noticed in the videos of the course yellow and young are signed the same. signing letter Y twice. I've seen the videos different times and I can't spot any difference in the signs. Can anyone cofirm if I'm right or wrong? Thanks a lot
  2. Good morning, This year learning Spanish Sign laguage I came up with this dictionary which is very useful since it includes signs used in different languages, beign British sign language one of them. It also includes some sentences and daily expressions, too. I hope you find it useful. https://www.spreadthesign.com/en.gb/search/? I have a question. Could anyone recomend a good book about BSL? I would like to learn about BSL grammar and sentence contruction. Thanks for your help P.s I wish I had the capacity to sign all this in BSL, I'm afraid no. Just started "Introduction to BS"L🤭
  3. Hiya, I'm from Spain. Last year I started learning Spanish sign language and I've studied as far as B1 level. I'm curious to find out how different Spanish and British sign languages are. And so far there are a few🙃. Good luck and enjoy the course!!
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