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  1. Six weeks holiday at the moment so spare time is non existent😅 when september comes around -i can do a regular practice? or just keep sending video messages on here and hope each other understands haha! Good luck with the call back! I hope your were successful
  2. Dont worry im a beginner also! I've tried to record a video message on here. hope it works! Im not sure if i should be mouthing what im signing or not?
  3. KT23


    I am the same - When I asked cambsdeaf they suggested choose a hand (preferably the one you would write with the most) apparently it can get confusing so better just to choose one. I chose left but now i think ive made it more difficult as everyone else seems to sign the opposite.
  4. Hi, I'm at Uni aswell (though im 33!) I'm studying Early Childhood Studies about to start my second year in September alongside a new Teaching assistant job ! There's a few children who need further support and I have always wanted to learn BSL and I am happy to practice with you via computer!
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