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  1. Hey all! After years of issues with my balance, sickness, ear 'fullness', tinnitus and increasing hearing loss, I finally have a diagnosis of Meniere's Disease. After a few days of shock/crying/coming to terms with it (it is quite advanced, progressive and incurable), I have returned to my usual default position of positivity. I studied BSL stage 1 about 25 years ago and have been saying forEVER that I really wanted to refresh this and further my knowledge, and it's like nature gave me a helping hand/kick up the butt. I found this amazing site and am so excited to be learning again. I am even more excited that my eldest daughter has also signed up and has just completed her first section. Newt, if you get to this stage and are reading this, I am so proud of you and really appreciate you joining me. You are amazing 🥰 xx If there is anyone out there with MD I am sending you a giant HELLO and a supportive hug (quite literally... y'know 😉). I know what you go through and how hard it can be to explain what daily life is like xx
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