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  1. I started to learn BSL during the first lockdown. I'm a student pharmacist and saw that I could get the course at a discount. I did it pretty solidly for around a month, but then just kind of stopped learning. I stopped for a little under 2 years, then picked it up again around a week ago. I started again because maybe around a month ago, I had a couple of customers come into a pharmacy I was working at who were deaf, and to communicate with them I was writing on a piece of paper and passing it back and forth, which felt clumsy, and was quite slow. I also have very bad handwriting which definitley didn't make things easier. At this point I only knew how to fingerspell, and very basic introductions. After this I somewhat waved encountering a deaf customer as a rarity, but then a week later I was in a similar situation. This was the push to actually start again, so now I'm going to try and stay committed to learning, and actually aim to reach a conversational level.
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