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  1. There are so many reasons why I want to learn BSL. When I was little I was properly introduced to BSL by my mum, she learned BSL as part of her job as a child-minder. She taught me what she learned and I loved the language! I always wanted to learn more but never found the time or anyone to practice with. I've had many jobs in public sector and learned that I could be more inclusive with my communication. Being diagnosed with hearing loss motivated me even more to learn BSL. It will be incredibly helpful for me as I struggle hearing what people are saying most of the time, and I know how much it will help others who use BSL to communicate. It's also such an interesting and amazing language, I'm very excited to learn and become fluent in BSL!
  2. I'm Emma, I'm 27 living in London (and I love it here). I work in social media as a content producer and art advisor. I hope to be a curator one day! I love the arts, environmental sciences, animals, astronomy, horror, fashion, and makeup. And I love going for long walks! I am hard of hearing, with moderate-severe hearing loss in my right ear (the sound in my right ear is too quiet and muffled to understand anything, it's pretty much useless). I've just started using a hearing aid but still mostly depend on my left ear! I'm excited to be part of a wonderful community and get to know people, and to practice what I'm learning in BSL!
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