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  1. So sorry, I just realised that someone has already asked that question and been answered. Thanks.
  2. Hi there, I was just wandering – the BSL courses in my area are a bit expensive and I was recently made redundant. I was hoping to do my own studying, seems as there is alot of information online regarding what is needed for each level, and lots of tutorial videos etc. Would it be possible to start at a later signature level such as 2 or 3 rather than at level one, if I can study myself and build my own skills and confidence? Thanks alot Adam
  3. Hi all, I’m adam and I’m from Liverpool. Thanks for letting me use the site, I hope I will learn alot from here. I’ve learnt some BSL in the past, but this is a while ago, so I’m classifying myself as a beginner again. I wanted to learn BSL as a police officer, as when needing a BSL interpretor, we would have to wait ages for one to arrive. Especially in the evening or late at night and unfortunately there are times when evidence or statements need to be taken immediately and time is of the essence. I was always interested in potentially learning and helping fill this gap, also I fig
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