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  1. HoobidibooBox! AMAZINGLY SPOKEN!!!!! I've been in many situations in my life concerning deaf people... One is profund and something I'll never forget! I knew a young girl of 14yrs old. Rachel.. I introduced my friends daughter, Jenny, to the deaf community after teaching her BSL aged 15! I was in A&E one night when she came in with her parents... I knew through many constrains worth Rachel that her parents wouldn't get involved with sign language. Had no intention of supporting their daughter, didn't want to know and shunned it. I want impressed at that, but she could sound off on me whenever she needed to. And did. So when she walked in with her parents I was really keen to see their stand on their daughters deafness. Now her mum came and sat by me, it seems she knew of me because her daughter was always going on about this hearing women who signs and does voluntary work with the deaf. LOL She really didn't like that! So she introduced herself to me after I'd had a chat with Rachel, Rachel of course, telling me why she was there... Her mum asked me how I felt about BSL... I told her I believe in total communication... We chatted about that for a few minutes. I asked if she signed... (I never let on I knew because I didn't want Rachel to get into bother.) She said no, there was no need... Ermm... Then she told me they didn't need to learn sign language because they understood Rachel and she understood them... Then she told me that Rachel was in big trouble with them because she went out with her friends, got drunk, collapsed, knocked herself out, threw up in the street. Threw up in her friend's house, in her friend's loo, all over her clothes, the mum had to wash them, etc. The friends parents had to phone for them to pick her up. They brought her straight to A&E... Etc, etc, etc... I let her tell me HER story, HER story, yes, I said that... Because it certainly wasn't Rachel's story! Or her friends story! Then I said to her, 'So you say you don't need to learn sign language because you all understand each other?' She said, 'yes, that's right!' So now I'm on my mettle... And then I indignantly, because I'm really upset for the child now, I told her EXACTLY why their daughter was in the hospital! She hadn't had a drink! She wasn't drunk! And what happened wasn't her fault! She'd been walking up the rd with her 2 friends, when suddenly a speeding car shot up the hill, it caught the curb as it shot round the corner, the wheel trim shot off, bounced onto the pavement... And smacked into Rachel's back! It shocked the 2 girls, but Rachel didn't know what hit her. It took her to the ground and knocked her unconscious instantly. The driver didn't stop. So the girls, in a panic, got her up. Totally disorientated, all over the place, couldn't support herself, but they got her back to their home. The vomit in the street, on her clothes, on the bathroom floor, and anywhere else was NOT alcohol related... So I relayed the actual 'fact' of the reason why Rachel was in the predicament she was in... All the little details, and how come, if they all understood each other, they had absolutely no idea what had happened to their child! What can I say? I had no sympathy for heart, she was mortified! But I had no sympathy for her. She shot over to her husband and clearly told him what I'd said... And since it's signed it all, Rachel from the other side of the room knew exactly what I'd said too! 😉 That incident, and probably my unhappiness at the fact they got it all so totally wrong... Changed things in that child's home. For the better. Because it was more than apparent to her parents now that no, they couldn't understand their daughter! She had severe concussion, thought to be through drink... How wrong did they get it? They started learning sign after that... Better late than never. So yeah, I champion sign, always have, always will! I'll die fighting for it! That child could have easily have died and she was being blamed... I remember that like it was a well all! When really, it's way too many years ago! Some things stay fresh in our memory forever... This has in mine... So do I believe sign should be taught in schools? Damn right I do! Excuse any typos! I don't typo in sign, just in txting... 😉
  2. Well I'm just loving all of this positivity! Apart from the fact you're all on the same page as me! 😉 I've a feeling most people are going to agree with me on this! Love it! lol Yeah, black N white TV, I had that too!! The wooden tops, watch with mother, Bill and Ben, not forgetting, the little weed and Andy pansy! lol But you can speak so much faster in sign than using finger spelling! I can anyway, lol
  3. Hi KaleLing! I'm totally with you on this! Born ASL and BSL SHOULD be taught in all schools! From primary up! In the UK we have been fighting all the way to the house of commons! Refused once, raised again recently, we'll l never stop! Not until it's included! We are all of us entitled to total communication. And if we don't share it with the hearing world, how on earth do the hearing world learn it? How do we have both hearing and deaf friends if we don't bother to learn the language? 1 on 1, no, it doesn't matter how many it is or it isn't... Sign Language is vital! Sorry, no offence to anyone who doesn't agree with me on this. But I've been on both sides of the fence in this. Hearing, then deaf... I've walked both walks. I know what I feel is right in my heart. But as I say, we all have our own opinion.
  4. Thanks for getting back to news. I'll wait for your reply next week or so. But it still baffles me... Did you, or do you, know these deaf individuals? Do you know with all certainty that they could cope in a court using a keyboard? Do you know with all certainty they didn't need the interpreters? We are all worthy of having full understanding in every given situation. And in a legal situation, then I feel it's even more vital they have that support. And though you may feel it was dominated with the interpreters, I think you'll find the deaf didn't agree with you on that either. Also, it's likely those 2 deaf individuals had family or friends with them who would also want to follow the proceedings. It's not as simple as I feel your implying? As I've said previously, the written word is totally different from British Sign Language. And unless you're deaf yourself, then you can't really say what you're saying and know you're right. You're convinced your thoughts are correct. I'm merely saying, well, you need to walk our walk to know what it's like. Only then will you truly understand. Unless you are deaf, and you still believe what you're saying is correct? Even if that's the case, I'll still have to disagree. 😱 1 on 1 you say, BSL is OK for one on one... But not for multi... I disagree... Again, just my humble opinion. Catch you again in sure.
  5. I also forgot to mention... Without detriment: Many deaf people are unable to write, (I have personal experience with this as I worked with the deaf over many years) which means many can't understand Queen's English, since many are not taught it. Those who can write can, as I gather you would know? It is not written in the order of the English language, therefore, (again, personal experiences,) many hearing people can not understand the written word from some deaf people. So in many instances, finger spelling is also not much use to some. Or txting, or social media. A prime example of one of my deaf friends does not understand the English order of words and struggles with words she fails to comprehend. Personally, I believe in total communication... Always. I'm curious, are you deaf?
  6. I have to come back to your comment as to BSL being, basically it's for the deaf only and not the hearing. I actually had to read that twice because I thought I'd misread it... But I haven't. So... I totally disagree with you. BSL isn't just for the deaf, and there IS a need for hearing people to learn it. If the hearing didn't understand BSL, how do you think they'd be able to have a conversation with a deaf person? How do you think the hearing would be able help the Deaf in situations where they they'll struggle to get over to a hearing person what they want, eg, in a store? I decided aged 16 to learn sign language. I believe it should be taught in all schools! Because I learnt BSL, it allowed me to mix with the deaf community. And in doing so, meet new friends. I like to think I helped out in many ways. Voluntary for years, and I did many things. Had I not known BSL, I couldn't have helped anyone like I did. Later I became an Interpreter and I definitely helped many deaf people to gain certificates in college on their chosen subjects. And as time passed, I actually became deaf myself. I'm now severely deaf and wear 2 hearing aids. It's not a struggle for me, because I sign. And because I've taught all my hearing friends BSL, they can communicate with me. I can justify why the hearing should use BSL, I can testify to the fact my sign helped others. And now it helps me. I wonder how you can justify your comments on the fact hearing people shouldn't use BSL? I'm not being in any way pedantic here, it's just my opinion. Something I feel very strongly about. Catherine
  7. Definitely needed in schools!!!! Children soak it in like a sponge. Children are made to learn French, German, whatever, which they may never use or need. But BSL is a language in its own right in the UK! So yes, THIS should be taught in all schools! I wasn't born deaf, in fact I was an interpreter for the Deaf for years. Not knowing I'd to deaf one day. But I taught myself BSL. Started finger spelling age 16yrs. Went from there. Took my exams then went deaf, lol Been signing for far too many years...48 actually. lol We never know if we'll lose our hearing. Fortunately for me, God prepared me well! But no so for others. I've taught many family members and friends. I make sure I teach anyone who wants to learn! So yep, I champion sign in schools!
  8. Haven't you had any replies yet? I'm new the last half hr, so have only just seen this! What is it you want or need to know? Or is your post a general comment? Catherine
  9. Don't apologize, that's what this forum is for... Bear with me ok? See if something's completed? Or Check everything's ok? Or Check something in particular? Don't want to tell you the wrong thing...
  10. I use, CH, then 'mouse', hope that some use? Don't think there's an actual sign for chinchilla...
  11. Do you know the sign for 'phone'? Is yes, I'll tell you how to do the sign for stable. But I'm ill at the moment it would be tomorrow before I can do a video.
  12. Do you mean as in cheque book? Or check something out, like, what?
  13. Katmalan


    Hi, I'm Catherine. Born hearing, now deaf. I love BSL, always have from age 16yrs! Taught myself to sign. Became a communicator, then went deaf. I have little hearing and wear 2 h'aids. Don't know how I found this site, but glad I did! It
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