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  1. I know it has been forever (over a year ) But thank you for this. I actually stopped trying to learn. My personal life got so hectic i didnt have time to learn. I am currently in a place where i am able to learn again and i am pleased to say i have advanced since this post. I can greet people ask how they are and respond "i am well" I have learned a few colours. I know all my alphabet and i am much for confidant in my ability to learn. I am even trying to get a friend to join me in learning to sign.
  2. i have watched a few BSL alphabet videos and i am now wondering if i am signing my letters correctly. i have seen people sign he alphabet in a few different ways so now i am wondering does it matter where your fingers are when you sign? My left hand only has the index finger extended and the thumb and other fingers making a fist, my right hand last 3 fingers and in a fist and my thumb and index finger make the latter C but i have seen videos where: left hand all fingers are extended thumb is tucked down. and right hand all fingers and thumb create the C I will try get a friend to take a picture later to show what i mean but i am current not able to get picture now i am worried that if i have D wrong that the rest of my signing is wrong.
  3. Hey everyone I have only recently (August 2016) found out I needed hearing aids I am Hoh I can hear slightly without my aids. since January 2017 I have been trying to get into a deaf social group or speaking with other deaf people face to face. I have looked within my local area and I have realised that unless you are under 16 or older than 50 you have no groups or anything to speak with people who may also have issues with hearing. This has pushed me to learn BSL I want to make sure people who are Deaf Hoh or need to sign to communicate are not isolated and I am even looking into volunteers for signing interpreters I know I will need at least basic level 1 to do anything with the public but for now I'm just learning. I have just learned my alphabet and I'm currently doing my numbers 1-20 my husband again has been a great help I have only been signing 6days and I think I am doing well anyway this is my story and I hope it helps and inspired others to either learn or carry on using Sign language. I will post one picture of my hands me signing the letter S it's the only image I have of me signing
  4. Angel


    Hey everyone I have just come across this forum and I decided to join since I am going to start learning BSL I have already started with my letters and I'm currently learning my numbers. I am Hoh and I do where hearing aids one in each ear. I have full speech and I can hear without my aids but not very well also I would love to have a means of communicating with other people. i am hopefully going to be going on a course to get fluent but for now I'm doing my basics and trying to get some bits learned as my husband also wants to learn with me which I think is amazing
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