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  1. I'm not sure I'll be back in time for 6pm tomorrow but will definitely join if I am! Otherwise, will deffo be there next Sun (28th)
  2. I'm out again this Sunday though hopefully I might be back in time for 6pm BST. I should definitely be there the Sunday after though! (28 May)
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if this message will reach everyone in this thread (not sure how to do that) but just to say that me and Kaleigh @KaleLing managed to do a practice video chat last Sun 6pm BST if others wanted to join/try this Sunday. I'm out tomorrow but think Kaleigh will be there 😀 Jenny x
  4. Thanks Simon - I wasn't sure if I'd be around today for the Sunday chat, but evidently I am, so will try the video chat again at 6pm @h.n.jootna if you or anyone else plans to try again too!
  5. I was using a Mac but can't remember what browser I was using now, I always alternate between Safari and Chrome so it would have been one of those...
  6. No worries @h.n.jootna, I think there must be some compatibility issues, as there was one point where I had some other screen come up but it wouldn't let me select anything etc. I've sent you a Skype request anyway in the meantime. Fingers crossed we'll get it working somehow next Sunday!
  7. @AdminNope, I'm just using my Mac. The video WAS working for me and I could see myself - just not the other person. I've just seen this message in the Chat Box from Hope @h.n.jootna: I have been in the room but nothing is working. I have tried to set up the camera and microphone and enter a nickname but the panel that appears on the left hand side of the screen wont work - it wont recognise my pointer/clicker!
  8. @Admin @h.n.jootna I just tried to join, but I could only see myself..! I could see that Hope had joined the room, but there was only a blank screen where her face would be. I tried using the message facility within the room to reach her that way but got no response. Please can you explain how the chat room works, is there some other setting we need to enable?
  9. @h.n.jootna How will this work in theory, would we do a group video chat via Skype or something? (I've only used Skype to communicate with one person, so no idea how a group one works!) And are we starting tonight?
  10. I'm up for this! I completed level 1 recently too, but that was a month ago where I haven't practised much since so already feeling rusty. Also just started level 2 (where I'm finding the signing too fast too follow!) so would be great to have people to practice with
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