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  1. ok thank you, it makes more sense now 😀
  2. I've noticed that signing the letter C is on your right hand so its the right way round for the person your signing to but D and P would be the wrong way round to them?
  3. thank you Jenni, its a relief to know im not the only one ☺ I just didn't want to go learning it one way and then find I've been doing it all wrong when I go to college. My other question now is I've learnt the ABC's do I mirror image the person on the tutorial or do I do it the same way, I.e if they use their right hand to do a sign, I use my right hand? or doesn't it realy matter? 😕
  4. Hello, my name is Jo, Im starting a level 1 BSL course in September, I am a complete beginner, I havnt had any experience at all, I was advised to get as much learning in as I can before I start to give me a bit of a heads up, however I have found that alot of tutorial videos and sites that I have been on have shown to sign language slightly different to another, for example numbers. How am I supposed to know which way is correct? they are all BSL sites that I look for, I can understand if it was an American version for example, so Im a bit confused.
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