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  1. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi I’m in a similar position so I would love to practice email me on [email protected]
  2. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi if you are still looking for someone to practice with send me an email and we can actually talk because I can’t foigure out how to private message haha! [email protected]
  3. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hey I’m still interested and would love to skype! Add me on [email protected] I look forward to practicing with you!
  4. Hi, practice buddy?

    Yes 100% what’s your skype name I’ll add you?
  5. Hi, practice buddy?

    Yeah that sounds good! Give me your Skype name and we can go from there?
  6. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi Sarah-Jane If you're happy to go ahead let me know what your Skype name is so I can add you and we can go ahead! 😊
  7. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi Sarah-Jane, I'm more than happy with that! I'm still just starting out but if you're happy to practice and help me through the learning process I would be very greatful!
  8. Hi, practice buddy?

    Hi I am currently attending college in England but I'm taking an online course in basic BSL and I'm looking for someone to practice with, I'm a 17 year old girl looking for another girl to practice with just for my comfort because I'm an awkward little bean! 😅 Afternoons and evenings are preferable or weekends to Skype with! Thanks -Ala 😊