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  1. LisaBoo is only my name on here. It’s the right one
  2. Hopefully sent the right Lydia a message just now?
  3. Trying to find you on skype. What area are you please?
  4. Just cooking dinner so will have a go after
  5. Hi Lyd My job means I work with the public about 20-30 times per year and I get frustrated when I can’t communicate properly with a deaf person. I always have a go but would like to be more confident. Also, my cousin who doesn’t live close by is deaf and we are both going to a family wedding next year and I would love to be able to chat with her.
  6. Hi Lyd That would be great. New to the forum so how? LisaBoo
  7. Hi. I passed level 1 about 14 years ago but still remember some words. I would love to practice with someone who can help teach me new words and have a conversation. Thank you
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