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  1. Hi Amy We are out tomorrow but Sunday afternoon is good for me. Lynda x
  2. That's great Amy, I'd be happy to Skype chat or in a room here? My husband is a shift worker so I'll try to arrange when he's at work and I can use his laptop. It will be good for me to.go back to the beginning again ands I'm findingredients I've forgotten some signs from the early days. I have my final exam in 3 weeks sof keen to practice. I'm in SE England, Kent so use that regional BSL. Let me know what days and send times are good for you. Lynda x
  3. Hi all, I'm doing level 1 now, started January 2018 and about to do 102. I'm deaf (profound now) and teaching hubby after class each week and it's helped a lot already when I'm not wearing my hearing aids. I'm around during the day and as hubby works shifts lots of evenings and would be happy to video practice, Skype?
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