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  1. I forgot to mention, I am hoping to learn London BSL. I know some signs tend to vary by area, so hoping to learn the signs which are most prominent around London. Thank you~~
  2. Hello, A bit about me: I'm 27. I have been studying BSL on my own for just under two months. My vocabulary is about 325 words + the alphabet. I would love to take a public class to further my skills (especially grammar!), but here's the catch: I live in japan! So I'm looking for someone who has advanced level BSL to meet with once a week over Skype for lessons. I am more than happy to pay for the private tutoring. Would anyone here be interested in this, or know of a resource to find an online tutor? Japan and UK timezones match up so that we could meet in the UK-morning/Japan-evening. Thanks!
  3. Hello, Is there a sign for willow tree? Or is it simply "willow" with fingerspelling + tree? Thanks for your help!
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