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    BSL courses in the Northwest

    The deafness resource centre in St. Helens do a happy hands on Wednesday afternoon and also coffee mornings you can meet with deaf people and practice
  2. Hayley

    BSL Level 1 needs Buddy to practise with

    Where are you from Hayley
  3. hi does anyone live near St Helens Merseyside ...maybe meet up and practice over a cuppa ...what you think
  4. hi everyone well about 9 years ago I passed level 1.... Started level 2 but tutor left and I didn't pass it in the end. Now I can't afford it ...but I love learning and have not forgot most of what I learned .. So any tips on refreshing level 1 on what to learn or should I start with level 2 and learn from there ... I have the books so I can look things up.. So any help will be much appreciated thanks xX