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  1. Justin Lee Carr

    BSL for beginners................

    Is there anywhere in the Ashingdon, Essex area which does any BSL courses, for beginners, with a TBI?
  2. Justin Lee Carr

    Online classes vs Evening classes

    Is there any free BSL courses in the Ashingdon Essex area? I have a TBI and want to challenge my damaged brain. [email protected] is my e-mail and Justin Lee Carr is my Facebook address.
  3. I live in Ashingdon, Essex. I cannot drive - have never learned, so would like a local based BSL class to teach me. I have a TBI, so I cannot afford to pay the full rate, so are there any free or reduced courses in my area? Please reply to either my e-mail: [email protected] or my Facebook page: Justin Lee Carr. Yours faithfully, Justin.
  4. Justin Lee Carr


    I heard on the television that when you get to an elder age, your brain stats to degenerate. To avoid this learn to play a musical instrument and learn another language. I have a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and am having Acoustic guitar lessons and recently, I have basic BSL lessons at my local library!
  5. Justin Lee Carr

    BSL for diaabled students

    I have a TBI and would love to challenge my damaged brain by learning BSL. Are there any free or reduced courses in the Ashingdon/ Rochford/ Hockley/ Hawkwell area of Essex that I could enrol for?