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  1. Gerbils150

    Sentence structure - eating

    Hello wonderful people. This week I am teaching my class how to sign what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know the signs for the meals, eat and foods but how do I sign the sentences? Would it be "breakfast I eat x" then "lunch I eat x" then "dinner I eat x"? Thank you!
  2. Gerbils150

    Sentence structure in BSL

    That's really helpful, thanks. So my next question is what is the sign for "have"?
  3. Gerbils150

    Sentence structure in BSL

    Hello - I'm trying to work out a very simple signing sequence for my Year 3 children (7-8 year olds). We are talking about the pets we have. I'm guessing the signs to ask the question would be "what pet you?" but how would I structure the reply sentence? Would "me pet cat" be correct? Thank you!"