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    Hello everyone

    Hi Alexia, The Group I run is for colleagues at work in South Derbyshire. There are 27 of us at present, with 22 of us recently started the online course. I'm looking for resources to print out for our monthly meetings so we can learn the signs together & people have something to take away and practice. Not everyone is confident using the internet. any ideas? What have you come across?
  2. Louise Ramsden

    Hello everyone

    I'm learning BSL again after a break of 25 years. You know what they say, use it or loose it! Luckily I've always remembered BSL finger-spelling, which seems to under-pin a lot of signs. I've set up a Signing Support Group at work, as lots of my colleagues are keen to learn too. We work at an historic visitor attraction and want to improve our inclusion efforts for deaf/hearing impaired people. Has anyone got suggestions for resources that we can use at our monthly meetings? Thanks for your help in advance.