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  1. I play with Nerf guns as a hobby. I am part of the Britnerf community. For context, we collect, modify, customise and play with toy blasters which fire foam projectiles, often at regularly organised not for profit events. We use Nerf branded products along with xshot, home made and increasingly 3d printed blasters. Think of it as a cheaper, less cost intensive alternative to paintball which can be played almost anywhere. Anyway, as a games organiser, I wanted to get some advice on signs for some of the paraphinalia and terms associated with the hobby. Any suggestions or discussion is welcome. I just want to take some steps to making the hobby more inclusive. Brands associated with the hobby: Nerf, Hasbro, Xshot. General vocabulary: Nerf war, Nerf blaster/gun, Nerf dart, eye protection, zombie, base, respawn point. There is much more I'd like to know, but I just wanted to put the above out there for a start. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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