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    About Myself and Interest in BSL

    Greetings to you all, I will show you my name in the video, but for now I will tell you a bit about myself and why I took interest in BSL. I'm profoundly deaf by birth and I graduated from deaf school, Sir James Whitney for the Deaf (SJW) which is the oldest deaf school in Canada as it is 146 years old. Only five years after Canadian Confederation as Canada celebrated its 150th anniversary last year. Even although I grew up in deaf school, I'm still learning ASL as I found out that there are few variations between the provinces when I moved from Alberta to Ontario. Alberta is a bit old fashioned with Sign Support English but Ontario use more different signs without using SSE, so that's why I felt ASL was a bit different to me even though I already grew up as my first language. Now I go to Loyalist College to get a two year degree in General Arts & Science and after the graduation, I will apply for universities in UK for Anthropology & Archaeology and of course, I will move to England. As there's interpreters that uses BSL, so this is why I decided to buy the course on British-Sign.co.uk. Before that, I was already interested in learning BSL since my other school's teacher traveled to England and brought the letters from a deaf school in UK, also with the videos of the students signing BSL. As a child, I thought BSL was very cool and foreign but I had no use for it as I had no plans to go to England yet. Now as adult, I want to study and work in England and I look forward to meet people from the deaf community there with BSL I would know a bit by time because BSL is still cool to learn. Luckily I'm a signer already, I'm learning BSL quickly. I hope I become fluent by time I'm in UK and I can't wait.
  2. I am profoundly deaf from Canada and I use ASL (American Sign Language) which is VERY DIFFERENT from BSL, and I'm planning to move to England for university in few years after college. Since there's likely not interpreters in universities that use ASL as BSL is recognized as the minority language in England, I decided to learn BSL now and by time I move there, I would know enough already. BSL is very fun to learn and since I'm already a signer, I'm learning quickly. I look forward to improve my BSL with all of you and I can't wait to go to England to meet people from the deaf community.