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  1. Hey everyone! I'm in the USA but want to learn BSL...partly for my own self-satisfaction and partly for creative reasons {working on an animated film featuring a deaf character}. So now I've got a question here... Gotta be accurate here everyone. So here it is. How far back do the signs in this dictionary go?? Asking because the film that I'm working on takes place between 1969 to 1970 and the character is in his early 20s. So I'm going to need BSL signs from that period. What do I do??... Get back to me, Thanks! Dylan
  2. Hey everyone! Working on a film script with BSL featured and need help with some sentence structure. What is the proper BSL sentence structure for the following sentences?? 1) How you going mate? 2) Did you decide to have an adventure and sleep out here last night? 3) I heard from a friend of ours that you're having a tough go of it. Get back to me on this please, Thanks! Dylan
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