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  1. I have a fascination with learning a new language all my life. I guess I just love the idea of being able to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds. I've learnt 'little bits' from a few languages; mainly around saying "hello, how are you?", that sort of thing, and having lived in both Germany and Cyprus, I have tried to learn German and Greek, being able to speak and read a good amount of each language. However I struggled to hold a conversation as I couldn't translate fast enough. Having tried, and mainly failed, with spoken languages, I though I may have more success with a visual language, so am trying to learn BSL. I don't have any deaf friends or family, however 2 of my sisters sign in their local churches, and it fascinates me to see them.
  2. Hi. my name is Scott and I have recently retired from L&D. I have always enjoyed learning new skills and have, for some time now, wanted to learn BSL. I actually started an on-line course about a year ago and then work got in the way. Well I don't have that 'excuse' anymore, so have re-started my course and am enjoying learning once again. I live in the Liverpool area, and would welcome any support in learning this new skill.
  3. I don't really have a need for BSL, however it has always intrigued me. I've tried to learn vocal languages with little success and now I'm trying a visual one in the hope that it's something I can get. So far it's going OK, but need loads od practice... Scott
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