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  1. One thing that is really confusing me is how to structure questions. I know that 'w' questions tend to go at the end of a sentence but what about other questions such as : Do you know him? Have you seen it? Do you just make a statement with a quizzical look on your face or is there another way to ask these kinds of questions? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum and to BSL. I hadn't even through about what BSL meant until a week or so ago when I just happened to come across it. Strangely it caught my interest immediately, possibly because I suffer from increasingly severe tinnitus and also because my mum really struggles to hear what the family are saying so she frequently feels left out of conversations. I'm now learning it and am showing her certain words that will help her to feel part of what's going on around her. I find myself really enjoying this course and am very glad that I found it.
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