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  1. Hi Jasmine I like you where I have severe hearing loss on my right side (currently wear a hearing aid) and struggling with my left side and currently waiting on a hearing aid for that too. I also find it difficulty in loud environment (I don't tend to wear my hearing aid when going out as I don't find it helps, more of hinderance) and find it hard hearing what my friends are trying to say. Thankfully my friends are really acceptable and understanding of my situation. What I find hard is my work. I do a lot of audio typing but as you can imagine having a hearing problem is a bit difficult, thankfully I'm managing at the moment. I've just started BSL last week, its hard work but getting there.
  2. I have always been fascinated with sign language but have never been able to find a course that fitted in with my work life, and the weekend courses were too far away to travel, until now. Also as I am losing my hearing (currently got one hearing aid, and waiting for another one) I wanted to learn for that reason too
  3. Hi I've just started my course for BSL. Last week we were learning the alphabet and numbers and finger spelling. This week we re-capped on what we learned last week and broke into groups to get to know each other better just using finger spelling. Was a lot of fun, but hard work. Am looking forward to learning more as the course progresses. Thanks Linda
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