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  1. Hello, Sorry if this isn't about a specific sign. I just wanted to know what region the British-Sign course was based on? I live in the west midlands, and wondered if signs are the same or very different for each region? I leant numbers when I was 14 (many moons ago now) in Shropshire. When I learned the numbers on this course they were not what I was used to from before. I then watched the two sisters on YouTube today (giving free lessons to children) and they used the number signs that I knew before. Any Advice would be greatly appreciated, as it's confusing t a newbie signer :0) Huge thanks Laurie-Anne
  2. Hiya, I’ve done the alphabet (which i already knew) numbers (which had changed sine I learnt years ago) colours, jobs and countries/cities. Need to practise those before moving on 👍🏻 how about you ?
  3. I’m doing the same as I now have the time to do it. I also learnt a bit when I was 14, but never continued with it, which I regret. Now doing the online course, which I’m enjoying so far. A good idea given current times too 👍🏻
  4. I have started to learn BSL online, as I learnt a little bit when I was 14 (A long time ago now!). I hope I improve and get a little more fluid with my signing. I am a supply primary teacher and My husband and I also host Accessible Games for People with learning or Physical disabilities. So I would like to be able to help anyone who attended one of our events if they used BSL.
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