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  1. If you want to look at SSE songs, you should check out BSL Charlie on Youtube. Her videos are epic
  2. My assistance dog Kuba needs a sign name. I'm fed up of fingerspelling when I talk about her. She is a black labrador x rottweiler (pictures on instagram @kuba_and_george) I know that someone on here will be able to find the perfect sign name for her😁
  3. Hi everyone,👋 My name is George and I have an assistance dog called Kuba🐕. She knows some commands in sign language. I have always known the BSL alphabet🔠 and I used to know makaton nursery rhymes. I have autism and sensory processing issues so I sometimes can't process the sounds going into my ears👂 or create the sounds to talk🗣️. I love the fact that this forum exists!😁
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