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  1. Maybe Cafe Assistant? Like shop assistant. I've got the sign BSL app and it has loads of words but nothing for coffee shop or barista. Closest i can find on there is cafe. It's a free app so i'd recommend it
  2. Hi, i love your video. I struggled with the last few signs, i'm not fully through the course yet. I got up to 'work me what' but can't figure out after that. Can you fill me in so i know for future, thanks
  3. With regards to speaking and signing at the same time i watch sign duo on youtube who sign between themselves (ASL not BSL though) but one translates into english. They have said before if you have the ability to you can speak in english grammar as you sign but many people (especially if you are new) struggle so tend to speak then sign one after the other. I think she said she often does SSE when she is doing the videos as she struggles to translate both together and is used to just either speaking or signing one at a time.
  4. I was considering this yesterday. I was was thinking sign for guitar but make it much smaller, or if not just fingerspell uke?
  5. I'm learning sign language partly because it will help me to communicate with patients but also just because i want to help make the world a more open place for those who could be left out otherwise. The more people that learn, the smaller the barrier becomes.
  6. Hi everyone. I am a children's nurse who has wanted to learn sign language for years but was never able to properly dedicate the time. Silver lining of being isolated and working from home - i now have lots of time! I would definitely like to practice if anyone is up for it but be prepared for a very slow conversation
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