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  1. Hi everyone! So I love musical theatre but I can't find a sign for it? Please could someone tell me if I'm just being stupid and can't find it/what you use instead? Seems like a lot to fingerspell! Thanks
  2. Hi everyone! I'm Emma, 17 and I have always wanted to learn sign language. I just think it's so beautiful and mesmerizing to watch, plus it could come in handy one day! I've just started the online course whilst under isolation and am a little intimidated! It's a lot to remember but I'm loving it (especially loving the sign for Scotland - makes me giggle every time, anyone else think of Ross from Friends playing the bagpipes when they do it?) . Anyway, hoping to learn more about the deaf community as I'm hearing but I think it's important, I never know who I will meet who will be grateful I know some, even if it's just the basics. Also hoping to make some friends! Happy learning everyone!
  3. Hi Rosie, I'm Emma, I'm in a similar situation except studying Health and Social Care - always wanted to learn so I'm so happy I finally have the chance!
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