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  1. It's been 17 years since I last did any sign language, and I have forgotten a lot of what I had learnt as I haven't used it on a regular basis. Now I'm on furlough leave I felt that it was an ideal time to brush up and re-learn. Although a lot of the signs so far are familiar, I've found that some are different to the signs I used previously
  2. Hi everyone. I first did a sign language course 17 years ago, one of the reasons was my brother in law is deaf and although he is fantastic at lip reading I wanted to be able to sign with him too. I also taught my baby daughter basic signs so she communicate before she could speak. However, as I didn't use this every day I have forgotten a lot of signs; I thought that now I'm on furloughed leave it would be an idea time to brush up on my sign language and put it to good use! 😀
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