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  1. I have a question that's confusing me. I'm new to BSL and if anyone actually knows for certain which is right. the letter "M" finger spelt. Is it ... ... or is it ... ... or are both the same? What I'm after is if I sign a letter as shown in the course video. Would I be misunderstood and how many would tell me that example in the course video is wrong?
  2. Hello. My name's Myron and I'm very new to BSL. So far managed to pass 1st and 2nd assessments on the BSL course. Taking this slowly. Any tips and tricks on how to take in everything involved with sign language welcome. I struggle focusing on the whole so when other body language is used and can tend to miss it. I've got a diagnosed processing disorder. Apart from that, slowly plodding on and hopefully will pass the introduction course. This will be useful as a volunteer as an exercise instructor for older adults and together with my partner, assist with people that have disabi
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