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  1. Hi guys im trying to learn how to sign you will be found from dear Evan Hansen but I’m really struggling as I’m not sure if you just do the song in word order like a normal song and I’m confused as to when it comes to little words in between like the and when and little in between words or whether to learn every word and sign it in that order and skip out ‘the’s ‘
  2. Hi guys, so I’ve took three assessments so far and got 20/20 for every one first attempt apart from the places. im just wondering if anyone has any tips on remembering signs. I know the common ones now and recognise the signs in assessments but I have a hard time trying to remember signs for certain things now, didn’t know if anybody has the same problem and how you go about remembering every sign ?
  3. hello, my name is Sophie and I am a children’s entertainer and singer. I have worked at holiday parks for three years now and realised that learning sign language could really help with my job. This was after a family came to one of our activities and all 6 used sign language to communicate to each other and us entertainers, only problem being that none of the team knew any sign language. So I have took it upon myself to learn sign language to be able to make sure every child is having the best time on holiday whether they are Deaf or not, every kid should all be able to join in the fun .
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