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  1. Hi everyone. So lovely to see the replies from you all so far Laura, again thank you for another reply. I'm glad my signs are clear to you, and your signs are also clear so well done I didn't quite understand the last few signs as I didn't recognise them or haven't learnt them yet , and if I'm correct you may have asked me a question, but again wasn't sure. Really sorry! Ellie, glad to to hear your enjoying it. The signs are interesting as you go further along so I'm sure you'll love them. 'Self confidence' is also one of my favourite signs to do. I look forward to seeing any video's you may like to record Phoebe, again I'm glad the signs are clear to you also. Thank you for the tips, they are very helpful I will keep these in mind when I'm practising! Stay safe, Alice.
  2. Hi Laura, Thank you for the reply. Was interesting to work out the signs and sentences as I'v been focusing on just trying to remember them haha. I have tried to reply best I can. Alice
  3. Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe. I wanted to have a go at practising my BSL by introducing my self a little bit. Please feel free to give any tips if there is anything I don't do correctly. Thank you, Alice x P.s. I had a little list in front of me as a reference for what I wanted to say, so excuse me if I keep looking over. Also I realise my face looks really red, but it's just the lighting and my acne
  4. Hello everyone, I though I would share a tip that I have been doing to help learn the signs that some of you may want to use also if you wish. I have taken the time to write down the words on small pieces of paper, folded them up and placed them in a container. I then mixed them up and one by one take them out and do the sign, if I can remember of course. This also gives the chance for a family member or partner to also pick them out and test you. I also keep the signs up on the computer/phone to go back to if I can't remember the sign. I hope this helps anyone if they're looking for new ways to learn. Thank you, stay safe. Alice x
  5. Hello everyone, my name is Alice. I'm excited to be joining this forum to meet lots of new people who are also learning sign language, and I can see there are lots of you. I'm 22 years old, still living at the parents house but due to hopefully move out soon. I have been wanting to learn sign language properly for a while now but never got round to finding some where I could go to learn, but now that I have found this I have lots of motivation to complete Level 1. I will admit I have leaned a few things just by doing my own research such as letters and questions, but I am keen to learn more and afterwards move onto my Level 2. Is there anyone else who also knew a little bit before joining up? I hope you are all well, and stay safe. Thank you, Alice x
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