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  1. I found this course and decided to try it out during lockdown. I mentioned it to the head teacher who is very interested in it anyway and now all the TA’s are doing it. I work in primary and there could quite easily be time in the school week (or fortnightly) to do it. As more special needs chn are attending mainstream school I think all schools should teach this skill instead of makaton. A great way to teach chn a life skill and be all inclusive too.
  2. I am learning BSL as it is something I have always wanted to learn but honestly have the most horrendous time retaining anything new. (I tried to teach myself Spanish a while back... Also, I’ve never found the time to do it). I have taken this opportunity whilst being at home (due to current situations), to use the time to learn BSL. I am a HLTA (24 years) and a scout leader (13 years) and feel BSL should be taught in mainstream schools from an early age. My cubs love learning basic finger spelling. This time I tasked them with words too.
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