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  1. Hi. I have plucked up the courage to upload a video of myself. Thank you for watching and any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hi. I started learning BSL last year during the first lockdown and really enjoyed it. Signed up for a course and due to Covid most of it has been Via ZOOM which I'm finding difficult as I am missing out on proper practice. Would anyone be interested in joinging me in a BSL video Chat
  3. Hi Tara. My Name is Jackie and I have always wanted to learn BSL but somehow never found the time. Since the lockdown I have decided to keep myself occupied and took the plunge and learn and I am so glad i did. Really enjoying it and have been lucky enough to be able practice with my cousin who learnt years ago. Good luck and hope you enjoy learning a wonderful new skill
  4. Hi My name is Jackie and I have finally plucked up the courage to start learning Sign Language.
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