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  1. Hi All, My name is Bob, I am a site manager for a school in the Gloucester area. I've always wanted to learn BSL and now with the situation we all find ourselves in due to isolation, I have taken this time to do exactly that. I must admit, it is a bit daunting to start with, but I think I'm doing OK. I do believe that everyone should learn this at some point in their lives, not only to learn a new language but also to be more inclusive of all, not only of race,colour,disability gender etc. I have to admit I am enjoying this so much, I just want to learn more. This opens a whole new world. Like a lot of people who have just started on this journey, one question springs to mind..." Why didn't I do this earlier in my life?" Having said that I am here now and enjoying it to the max. Take care all keep safe Regards Bob
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