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  1. My name is Chelsea and I'm 23 years old. With not being at uni I decided it would be a good time to start a new hobby. I have always had an interest in BSL, but it's only now I have taken it on and started a course. I have passed the first and second assessment with 85 and 95 points, so if anyone needs help just ask!
  2. Have a look at the fingerspelling alphabet on the fingerspelling tab at the top. From there, learn the letters that make Hazel. Some words don't have specific signs for them. Normally nouns. Hope this helped!
  3. I'm ten. That's me too.
  4. This is me introducing myself too this website. I'm Cookies and 17 years old. I know a few people who are deaf/hard of hearing, so I'm learning BSL so I can communicate better with them. I've always had an interest in BSL but never tried to learn it. Until NOW. Yesterday I was skimming the internet for a cheap but useful course and I found this one. I already know all of the fingerspelling letters! Well, I guess I've introduced myself now. If you click on this, it will come up with a poll. Please answer it! *Cookies isn't my real name haha
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