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  1. Hi George, how you getting on with the course?
  2. I'm in there. But all I'm seeing is a grey screen?
  3. Hi George I thought you was from Newcastle because of Geordie in your name ha ha I'm from the Midlands
  4. Good morning! Yes we can use video chat. I'm new so not sure how to do that?
  5. Oh good! me too. I've been doing it for a few weeks now and just completed level 3. And I now know the sign for Newcastle! I'm guessing that's where you're from? I'm happy to have a practice with you at some point in the future
  6. Hi George I'm Adam. I'm only a few weeks into learning to sign. How long have you being learning for?
  7. Ok no problem 10ish sounds good. And definitely the more the merrier. I need real practice with real people
  8. Either is good for me. Maybe best in the morning sometime when nice and fresh
  9. Hi Hannah, Yes me too I started during lock down. It can be hard to keep motivated when you just keep practising in front of a mirror! Yes maybe tomorrow if you're free we could have a practice?
  10. I'm Adam from Redditch. Just checking this site out for the first time. Maybe I can chat and show people what I've learnt so far. Only being learning for a few weeks but already really enjoying it
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