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  1. I'm really sorry! Id stuck 7.30 I'm my phone by mistake. Wait till next week or reschedule for the weekend? I'm so sorry you were stuck waiting
  2. Thursday at 5:30 works for me, see you then. Happy to set up something regularly too.
  3. Hi Mark, Sorry such short notice but I am not well today. Just serious sleep deprivation. Mind if we reschedule?
  4. Monday at 5 is good for me
  5. Anyone fancy another chat sometime soon?
  6. Any chance of pushing this to 8.30pm at short notice? Running late, but can join late if that's not convenient for people
  7. In that case lets just reschedule to Tuesday at 8pm? If that suits everyone? I am also just running late with making dinner and everything anyway :)
  8. Not a bother! Nice to meet both of you. I am happy to practice whenever people are available, thanks for your patience for when I wasn't following so well.
  9. 8pm works for me. I'm just set up to start now, I'll join the beginners chat now.
  10. Sounds perfect. I'll see you at 3pm here tomorrow and sometime on Saturday then
  11. Perhaps sometime on Saturday then? That would work better than 8pm for me.
  12. Will we try out the video chat feature here at 3pm on Friday the 8th then?
  13. Hi all, I'm towards the end of a level 1 course and I'd like to actually get chatting with people. Mind if I join if it's not too crowded? I could do any of those times you suggested Mark.
  14. Hello everyone, I'm Laurie and I've been learning BSL since October. I'm a post-grad student in London and I really love languages and learning about their history. I've been doing an online level 1 course as it was the most affordable option to start with. I'm just reaching the end of that and really appreciating that you actually need to practice communicating with other people to properly learn a language. So hopping to start doing that more!
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