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  1. Hmm sure. What video app do you use to send each other video?
  2. Why do we sign farm this way? I am trying to find the association for the sign farm.
  3. Interesting perspective! I learned BSL from Youtube.com. Commanding Hands. John Smith - deaf British comedian. I am doing Introduction section 4 on animals and at home. No I am not British, I am an American, Texan, to be specific.
  4. I am learning BSL because I will go on a trip to visit London and Paris next year with the high school students. I've been wanting to learn BSL before I knew about the trip. I think I am mastered with fingerspelling BSL manual alphabets but need help with fingerreading BSL manual alphabets. I can sign colors (colours), family signs, WH-question words (who, what, where, why, when, and how). I need to find someone to have a conversation using BSL.
  5. My name is Steven. I am teacher and I teach American Sign Language. I live in Texas. Learning BSL is different but I want to learn BSL. (thumbs up)
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