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  1. Good Afternoon everyone, My reasons behind learning BSL, well I work in a Preschool and we do a little of Makaton for the children with SEN and EAL. I thought it would give me more knowledge and an insight to what else I could learn. I am enjoying what I have learnt so far, and it is keeping my brain active whilst being at home with my children. I have a friend who is also learning so we are trying to communicate to each other via Facetime to see what we have learnt.
  2. Hi All, I'm Teresa, I'm a Preschool Assistant, I wanted to learn BSL as I thought it would be a great addition to have at work, when we have children with additional needs and I would be able to communicate with them and make them more comfortable within our setting. Whilst we're in Lockdown I also wanted to keep my brain active, and thought seeing as my children are home schooling, I could to!!!
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