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  1. Hi. I learnt BSL (stage 2) over 20 years ago but have not had any need to use it for at least 15 years, so unfortunately have forgotten quite a bit. My interest was rekindled when my niece mentioned the TV program “switched at birth”, though ASL seems is quite different to BSL. I would love to go back to a deaf club (if I can find one in my area) but think I need to brush up on my signs first. Hope to talk to some of you soon x
  2. Not used this before… Hopefully you can see my “birthday” sign :-)
  3. Hi Bec, I would say the first question you are splitting up slightly too much. It would be better to say weather two weeks ago what? then snow. The second sentence I think is spot-on. The third sentence is a bit of a challenge :-) I would be tempted to rephrase that answer to something along the lines of: work what? In the past university lecturer, now mum of two children. I hope this helps. It’s only my opinion, as long as you are understood I don’t think it really matters :-)
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