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  1. Hi Sarah, I am also quite new to this and only just started using this site to try and practice finger spelling using the practice game which has been useful. I too have perforated eardrums and seem to be forever fending off ear infections and feel like I'm just one infection away from losing my hearing altogether sometimes, so need to get a plan of action in place, just incase. I muddle through at the moment at work using hearing aids but know there is only so much technology can do. Hows you new skill learning going, are you following a particular course, doing signing or just starting with finger spelling? Good luck with your learning Journey Becky
  2. Hi, I absolutely love this game and has helped me massively, with learning and made it much more fun, will there ever be an option to do choose left or right handed finger spelling for this game, as this is a stumbling block for me and does dishearten me when I feel like I am improving. Many thanks Becky
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